Dungeon World is a game of fantastic adventure. A game of magic, gods, demons, Good and Evil.

Play and see what happens.


Simple Rules

Everything you need to know is right at your fingertips. Print off a few easy sheets and every rule of the game is right there.

Simple doesn't mean boring. Each rule is designed to move the action forward and take advantage of the best thing at the table: the people.

Dynamic Play

What matters is what's happening in the world of the game. The rules of Dungeon World all follow from what's happening in the world you're playing in, so you can focus on that—the rules step in when needed and then get out of the way.

GM Tools

Players have all kinds of tools to make a great character. Shouldn't you have tools to run a great game? GM Moves help you propel the game forward. The GM Agenda gives your game focus. Your Fronts make it easy to portray a shifting world with danger around every corner.

Classic Adventure

Thieves, wizards, fighters, paladins, and more face off against everything from ankhegs to zombies in the dark pits of the world. Dungeon World builds on the history of adventure games, putting classic tropes together with a new system.


Every rule in Dungeon World is bite-sized, making it easy to modify the game as you like. Want to add rules for sailing ships or change how spellcasting works? No problem.



Dungeon World digital includes the complete game in PDF and epub formats. That means:

  • 8 classes
  • Over 100 monsters, from the lowly cavern dwellers to the mighty planar powers
  • Everything you need to adventure, from buying a sword to paying for a decent burial
  • A complete GM framework, including adventure design and keeping the action moving
  • Everything you need to make your own monsters and change the rules of the game
  • Guides to teaching Dungeon World to new players, converting classic adventures, and making NPCs on the fly

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Print + Digital

The Dungeon World print + digital bundle includes everything the digital version does plus a high quality printed 6x9 book.

We're book nuts, so we wanted to make sure the Dungeon World book stood out. We worked with the highest quality printers to create something that looks great and stands up to reading, referencing, and maybe even a little spilled soda.

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Character Sheets

Everything you need to play Dungeon World in one download. Get your character sheets.

The Slave-Pit of Drazhu

The players are captured adventures and pitiful pit slaves of Drazhu, who has put them to work in his mines. When an earthquake grants them a chance at escape, can they make the most of it?

The Slave-Pit of Drazhu is a two-hour demo adventure by Jason Morningstar featuring the slave pit playbook.

The Indigo Galleon

When Imperial tresure galleon HMS Relentless has breen driven aground by a massive storm, it leaves the small fishing village of Codcliffe in chaos. With escaped prisoners, Imperial troops, marauders, and octupus folk—someone has to come out on top.

The Indigo Galleon is an introductory adventure by John Aegard.

World of Dungeons

What if Dungeon World was the latest edition of a game first published in 1979? What would that original game look like?

Probably something like World of Dungeons, a demake of Dungeon World by John Harper. Available in retro color and simple black & white.

Number Appearing

They barge into your home, slaying your defenders and taking what they please. They slay you without a second thought, not even bothering to try to communicate. The muderous sunlovers are the bane of a monster's life.

Now it's your chance to fight back.

Number Appearing is a supplement for playing monsters by Justin Wightbread. It includes 6 new playbooks for types of monsters, an adventure toolkit, and details of 'real monsters' like the Forestlurking Deathsinger (or as your may know them, elves).

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Open System

Dungeon World's text is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. That means you're free to make anything based on Dungeon World for fun and profit so long as you credit Dungeon World.

That openness has led to all kinds of wonderful supplements. Try a few out, see how they work, and make your own.

The Codex

Looking for a new monster for tonight's game? Got an idea so horrendous it just has to be shared? The Dungeon World Codex makes creating, finding, and sharing new monsters even easier.

The Tavern

Everyone's got a tale to tell, and they share those (and much more) in the Dungeon World Tavern.

New classes, new items, tales of adventure, and calls for online games all pass through the tavern. Pull up a seat and listen in on what others are making.